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Comparison leads to dissatisfaction

December 4, 2008

We are constantly comparing ourselves with others.

Most of us can’t seem to feel comfortable if we think we r falling behind the pack. Our sense of worth seems to be dependent on others. How do we define the standards we set for ourselves? What is the norm is usually what everyone is doing and we just follow along, without questioning.  When we are better than others we feel good abt ourselves and try to maintain that lead, for example in fashion some people think they r better off than others by being fashionable and always keep themselves up to date with the current in thing. and also in studies. there is too much competition in outdoing fellow classmates. maybe is becoz our society has evolved to the point that only the best survives? but how true is this? our society looks too much at results, grades, that they don’t see the value of each person. and we ourselves don’t see our own value.

My mother constantly compares me and my bros against my cousins and her friend’s kids. It really irritates me at times. Makes me feel that there’s something wrong with me and i’m not good enough as others are. In fact, i’m quite comfortable with myself and don’t feel anything wrong, only until she starts to find fault with me. We will never be satisfied by comparing ourselves coz we will always fall short. Everything is fine and perfect the way they are, until we start to compare and start having doubt that things r not as fine. Well i’m not saying that we should not compare and also i’m not saying that we should always stick to our own ways. Comparison allows us to make a decision based on value for example we want to buy something and we look at the price and perhaps choose the item of lowest price. well it doens’t mean that that thing is the most value for money but it is how comparison can help us to make a purchase. and by sticking to our ways all the way we r just being inflexible to the changing times. If we can be satisfied with whatever we have whether a lot or little, accept any situation no matter how bad it looks, then we will always be happy and at peace with ourselves. It is an attitude.

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