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Thoughts on Love

December 1, 2008
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What is love?

everyone is craving for it whether we know it or not. everything actually comes down to it i feel. we are looking all over for love, wanting others to give it to us. when we don’t get it, we feel terrible, blaming others for our misery.

yesterday went over to my cousin sis’ house for a meeting to discuss abt a family website project for my cousin turned singer jinglun. he had just released his first album in taiwan and we r all excited for him. We are thinking of collecting all his news and photos that had been published in newspapers and magazines and putting them online. Flipping through many various entertainment magazines in a short period of time, and indulging in pop music really was quite fun at first but after a while it just left me feeling empty especially when i left everyone. well i haven’t felt this down for some time. it’s the kind of depressive mood which i used to get into but not so these days. I was wondering what had happened to me suddenly, y was i feeling this way. I was reminded of this female singer who was on the same season of the singing competition as my cousin Jinglun and committed suicide not long ago. really sad case. just felt the whole frivolousness and artificiality of this whole entertainment business, which doesn’t give any joy at all. Plus all the songs focus on heartbreak, pain of separation, nostalgia of past relationships etc. no wonder i was feeling down! i think celebrities wud be living a life of misery (although looking glamourous on the outside) if they don’t have anything to ground them like a supportive family and good friends.

Nowadays in our society most people’s attention are on gross things like chasing after money and career, chasing after material goods, it is natural that they will feel empty inside because these things never give us any joy. And because of this, to fill the emptiness, they need something which can soothe them. They search for love outside, for someone to give them love and when they find that person, they love them in return. but how can this be real love when real love is unconditional and always giving to others never expecting anything in return. what they think is love turns to hate when that person leaves them. it is so extreme! they even say ‘i don’t love u anymore’, how is that possible? when real love is always giving, it can never not love 🙂

How about searching for the love and joy within u? u will be surprised that after searching so long for it it has always been there so near to u and furthermore it will never leave u.

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