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I’m fine the way I am

January 8, 2019


7101699485_efa2feb157_z‘I’m fine the way I am‘. That’s the realisation i came to one recent morning when my world seems to be saying the opposite and not allowing me to let it be. I wouldn’t say it is a justification for the way i behave. By accepting myself first for who i am, i feel free from all the burdens, expectations and guilt that i’m carrying and allows the opening for any improvement works to be done later.

The relationship with my mother affects me tremendously these days, i see myself becoming unrecognisable: Reactive and angry then feeling anxious and depressed. It’s hard to explain to people why i’m this way. Why am i not being a good daughter?


When i’m by myself, i feel calm, peaceful and at One with everything. When i start interacting with my environment, i’m affected by my mum’s expecations and ideas of how i should behave. Feeling fed up and losing myself, the only way forward is to strengthen my own self identity. What are my values? This is the time i feel that i need to be extremely clear about myself and no more ambiguity and floating about all my life. Overcoming my self esteem issues is one of my life’s lesson and that sees me returning to do some blogging in 2019.



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