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Break of Dawn

February 13, 2016

20130818_071125After a hiatus of few months, i’m starting to wake up early in the morning again for meditation. The motivation came from wanting to develop better sleep patterns and also from the energy of the new year of the monkey.

Previously i tried waking at 4am for few weeks. I would go back to sleep again after meditation, however my mum found out one day that i was waking up so early and showed me her disapproval. After that i stopped and it is now a few months later that i’m trying to get back to it again. This time i’m waking at 5am instead and not going back to bed afterwards, but trying to do things which i would do at night. The good thing is there is plenty of time in the morning to do whatever and i am not rushed at all. I found myself being early for work much to surprise of my colleagues.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, there are timings for going about our daily activities for optimum health and for sleep it is best to be asleep by 11pm. After few days of waking early, i feel my energy levels are better in general however there would be feelings of tiredness earlier in the day. That’s where the afternoon nap comes into play, which will provide the sustenance of energy throughout the day. However in Singapore, there is no culture for afternoon siestas so i may need to sneak a short one in during lunchtime. Usually I would overstimulate myself at night and not want to sleep even though i was tired, only dragging myself to sleep after 12. Now it is like automatic, i would feel like sleeping early as the sleepiness comes quite early and more strongly. Already my mum is like criticising me, let’s hope i can continue until it forms into a habit.

Break of Dawn

Break of Dawn…


Birds are chirping everywhere

Let the fresh dew embrace you

Sleepy Head is time to awake

Sit down to meditate


Break of Dawn…


Mother Earth will take away your pains

Renew your being

Feel the cool breeze running through your hands


Break of Dawn…


Feel the silence and the peace

No one to disturb you

Just God and me

No desires, make me whole, make me free


Break of Dawn…




3 Comments leave one →
  1. February 13, 2016 6:19 pm

    Same here 🙂 we must be on the same wave or something, or maybe I am picking up your wave – have been getting up between 4 and 5 for a few days…

  2. February 14, 2016 9:55 am

    Haha…well must be the vibe of the monkey, the new year started on monday… how r u feeling?

  3. February 14, 2016 12:45 pm

    Well, I’m not the the groove yet, but trying 🙂

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