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Identity Crisis

October 13, 2012

Being Singaporean is really confusing at times.

Singaporeans are a cultural mix, our forefathers having came from various countries such as China and India to find work here.  Each race has their own language or more depending on which region of their home country they came from. Our cultural heritage comes from the East but english or rather singlish being made our official language for decades has kind of moulded us in another fashion.  These days the young people mainly take to english while most old people don’t speak english at all. The advantage they say we have is being billingual but in fact we are good at none. Not having a complete mastery over one language leaves me feeling impoverished. I can’t express the depth of what i feel into language, the inability to express myself really frustrates me sometimes. And it doesn’t help either that I’m an INFP. In most countries there is a unity of language which creates understanding between people and a common identity. In singapore, I feel there is a confusion over our identity as the generation and cultural gap between the young and old widens.

We look Eastern but our mentality is a mix of both eastern and western thinking. It can be an advantage as we are able to see the perspective on both sides and gives us a global outlook but i feel we are not yet able to make the most out of it.  Maybe in the economical sense, it is successful, but as the society moves towards materialism, when the leaders weigh on the material benefit of each decision, we are fast loosing our bearings. Life here is becoming  more and more superficial.

I think it is only when the people of our society fully accept themselves, by trully acknowledging our roots are we able to move forward with freedom.

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