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Holiday mood

December 9, 2008


Just got back from a short trip to Bintan Island.

It was too good, feeling rejuvenated and fresh. but not so keen on going back to work tomorrow.

Bintan is an Indonesian island part of the Riau Archipelago just South of Singapore and reachable by ferry.  Singaporeans mainly flock there on wkends for a getaway as there r many resorts over there. The beaches are beautiful and cost is cheap.  I have been wanting to go to Indonesia for a long time but couldn’t do so by myself. Well finally this time my dream has sort of been fulfilled! I have a dream book and i find that my dreams are all coming true, which is quite amazing….well it may take some years but i believe if one has the pure desire it will be fulfilled.

well back to the holiday, really enjoyed the beach and water. i’m not exactly a water person. but still enjoyed it.

Holidays seem to bring out the best in a person. New experiences make us feel fresh and we r in relaxed mood, smiling and laughing all the time. All the stress and tension of yesterday seem to melt away! Other than water n beaches, there were many nice flowers there. and fragrant too! unlike here in singapore.  Going in a group of 8 was really fun as we shared our experience and moments together, and also taking care of each other.  Definitely will be going back there again!!!

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