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Hope of Our Future

March 31, 2014


Today after watching a video clip on youtube, had the feeling that many teenagers and young people in this world  face a lot of confusion and anxiety about their future. The character in the video, a teenage japanese girl who had felt quite confused about her future was lucky to get her dream fulfilled by a TV show. At her age, i was completely lost and the future seemed bleak to me. There was no one to guide and counsel me, only expectations that i felt i had to fulfill which i didn’t know how to. It was a difficult period and looking back, i feel that i needed much love and support in those times. I can understand why many young people would get into relationships with the opposite gender at a young age looking for love which perhaps their families did not provide. Now that the family unit seems to face many challenges these days, the one that suffers most are the children. And they are the hope of the future so it really is my desire that people can place their children as their priority and not a liability. I’m not talking about pampering the children but really knowing what they need which is attention and love. And not just when they are small but also throughout their teenage phase.  Giving them money or gifts is the worst i feel, many Singaporean parents are so deprived of time to spend with their children, their only concern is to make more money and they make up to them by spoiling them.

Few weeks ago, i was feeling that the people in Singapore are too difficult -materialistic, conditioned, egotistical and i really don’t know what will be the future of this country. Shortly after having these thoughts,  i got a call from my aunt to bring her keys, she stays in the next block and she had misplaced her keys. So outside her flat, the neighbours were there, a Malay family. The couple came to the grandma’s house to pick up their daughter after work. So after passing the keys to my aunt, i was waiting for the lift together with this couple and their kid. The kid was about 2 or 3 years, saw something i was holding in my hand and was quite fascinated and started to play with me and even said hello in her own sweet way. It was a really nice feeling and those previous moments of hopelessness was gone. The event really affirmed strongly to me the power of innocence and that children are indeed the hope of our future.


Stepping into our glory

February 4, 2014

credits to George Redgrave

First blog post of the year! Wasn’t feeling so positive about 2014 at first since 2013 had been a great year but now that a month has passed I can feel that 2014 is something to look forward to.  Also there were many amazing experiences which happened at the beginning of the year to prove me wrong(that 2014 will not be so good). Year of the horse seems to bring a positive vibe!

During first day of chinese new year, all the relatives gathered at grandma’s house. We would see all our relatives and have dinner together. One of my cousins asked me if there was anything new in my life, as we don’t see each other often. I said not really. Did you go anywhere for holiday? No. Are you still working in the same job? Yes. Nothing new to report. Another cousin asked me if I dye my hair. I said not really, maybe to cover my white hairs sometimes but nothing flashy. Or try some different hairstyle? Still my answer was no. By this time I think she must be thinking I’m such a bore. The conversation led to how work and life will be so boring if we don’t follow any trend, as there would be no conversation topics. She was suggesting I should follow the trends. My reply was I don’t follow trends. Well not for the sake of following them.

Even though on the outside it seems as if there’s nothing new going on in my life, but I feel my inner life is quite vibrant and i’m enjoying the different moments of my life. Every moment is a new experience and we can always choose & create it to be different.


Living life as One

Free to Be, no holding back, lovingly connect, heart to heart

Feeling the caresses of the gentle breeze

Rays of sunlight nourishing me

Stepping into our glory!

3 Elements of Success

October 18, 2013



The parallels between piano & meditation.

Watching Lang Lang’s videos on youtube made me realise what makes for success, by breaking it down to 3 important elements.

1. Talent

2. Passion

3. Hardwork

Talent i feel is something inborn, either you have it or you don’t. Well for those lacking in that department, we can make it up by the other two factors. But even passion and hardwork is something which may not come easy.

A recent visit by a deep and experienced yogi had left a deep impression on me.  Meditation and spiritual ascent is the most important thing to me so i guess naturally i wanted to be more successful in this area.  (Success is not really the right word here but i will just use it anyway.) Well in fact I have seen much changes and improvements in myself  over the years but hearing from someone who has been there done that really gives the inspiration and booster for me to become more successful.

I was trying to put the three elements  above into perspective in my meditation practice.

Talent in this aspect i would say is whether one has the quality of seeking. There are many people today who are seekers of ancient times who are looking for their meaning and nothing is more important to them than finding the answer they are looking for. Perhaps i do have a little of that.

Passion is the amount of heart that is used. How strong is your desire to connect with the divine power? How much love do you have for yourself and others? Have to open my heart out more, it is quite closed.

Hardwork is the action put in. How focused and intense are we? Seekers in the past had to do tapasya(penances) to achieve their spiritual goals. Nowadays, we take things for granted. Modern life is so busy and full of distractions. Feeling lazy a lot, i find that reconnecting with my purpose gives me the sense of dynamism which keeps me going instead of feeling like i’m forcing myself to meditate.

Out of these three factors, Passion is still the most important for success as love is the answer to everything. With love, everything will work out.


September 19, 2013


Sitting there staring, face blank, thoughts are running

Swimming against the currents, going nowhere

Lights are swirling, head is feeling heavy

Afraid of coming under scrutiny, people’s emotions scare me

Immersed in the ocean of illusion, blind to a higher vision

What we think is reality is actually falsehood

Right is wrong and wrong is right

Righteousness has no meaning when there is no Light

Take my hand she says, I will carry you across to the shore of infinite being

Where bliss & peace abounds in galore

Never ever do you have to feel lost

This is your home, where you belong


edited on 29/10/13

Open up your heart

September 12, 2013
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Open up your heart

Let the love flow to all around you

Have no fear! A new possibility is just round the corner


Tired of the endless routine, feeling stuck at work

8:30 to 6, long hours & mundaneness

Drudgery at its best

Artificiality, Superficiality….Let me connect with Reality….and know what is Humanity


Open up your heart

Let the love flow to all around you

Have no fear! A new possibility is just round the corner


Disappointments we all have faced, it’s not always a smooth ride

Get back up again to a brighter day

Forever learning & facing, that’s the way

Conquer your inner demons is the hardest

Will need some power of forgiveness

Accepting yourself as the highest

When the smaller you wants to tear you down

Witness the situation, without any reactions


Open up your heart

Let the love flow to all around you

Have no fear! A new possibility is just round the corner



Walking Down Memory Lane

August 31, 2013

Visited Beauty World Centre today after a really  long time. 

This was a place which i would visit often during my school days when i used to live in that vicinity. I was surprised that some of the shops which i recognised from before were still there.  A kind of nostalgia overcame me. I went inside The Grassland book store which was at the basement of the building. I remember me and my bros used to go there to look at the stationery, toys and also at the magazines. The store was still pretty much the same, selling all the nice things, offering so much more than most commercial stationery shops out there and in a limited space too. I overheard the boss saying to one lady that  his is a small business and he doesn’t have NETS service, only accept cash. Maybe it was the feeling of my childhood coming to me, i really enjoyed myself there. 

Visiting Beauty World Centre feels like a blast into the past. The shops are catered mainly for the older crowd and it is looking past its heydays. However there are many new education and tuition places which draws the schoolkids and sort of compensates for the stagnant vibes. The place seems disconnected. Some other oddities i noticed was an ‘Ang Moh’ security guard and one young Malay guy who was casually sitting and playing his guitar by the escalator. 

At the pace of how Singapore is developing and has developed, it feels like we are devoid of a past. Buildings get torn down to make way for new ones at quite a fast rate. Many a times we don’t remember what used to be there. It feels like the past lies only in photographs of textbooks for the new generation. I find the generation gap between the older generation here and the young is too huge. With the change in physical and societal landscape, the old are desperately trying to catch hold of memories of the fleeting past while the young are living like there’s no tomorrow. How can we balance this disparity between generations and also our own disparity of our inner growth with that of outside? As i write this , i hear the lyrics of a song “You gotta show love. This is the way.”

Hazy Days

June 26, 2013

pic from online news site

For the past weeks, the national topic for Singapore has been the haze caused by forest fires from Sumatra, Indonesia.

Since it’s an issue concerning everyone, it’s hard not to follow the latest news, with everyone around the corner talking about it, especially last week, which was the haziest time for us with the PSI index hitting 400 for the first time. Above 300 means the air quality is hazardous to health. At first, it was quite interesting to see colleagues around me go paranoid. I wasn’t really concerned about the haze until i got caught up with their talks. Then that sense of fear crept into me 😦

The change in wind direction blew the haze away and things improved since the last weekend. Now they are fearing it will come back again. Hmm.