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What are you seeking?

December 26, 2014

2014-04-14 20.06.44

How do you know the meaning of your life when you are not connected to the power that created you?

With so many terrible things going on, things are not very certain anymore, all types of diseases and disasters await us, it seems we will be finished tomorrow.

Instead of decoding the universe, why don’t we try to decode ourselves first? To see heaven in a wildflower, likewise humans are created in the image of the Divine and we should try to know our self. We don’t know ourselves. We look for all the answers outside not knowing that there is already a system inbuilt within us which can give us the solution to everything. Only thing is to activate that system, and that requires the meeting with a Self – Realised person who holds the key to that ignition.

“You are seeking, definitely. Perhaps you do not know what you are seeking, but one thing is definite, you are not satisfied with things as they are. There is something beyond, which you have to seek. There is something beyond, no doubt, which has been told to you by all the prophets, by all the scriptures, by all the incarnations who came on this earth. It has been promised also that
you will be judged one day. But the first judgement will be your own. You yourself will decide whether you are seeking the Divine, or some frivolous things. If you are seeking the Reality and the Truth, then only you are going to be chosen, then only you are going to be the citizen of God’s Kingdom.”

~Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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