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Living in Myth

July 16, 2014

Living in Myth

Stuck in the head,
thoughts coming from don’t know where and everywhere,
telling me to be somebody who I’m not.
Following the crowd so I’m not left out.
Chasing dreams of success,
so I can be proud of myself and be better than everyone else.
Disappointed when my expectations are not met,
growing old with regret.
Angry with life.
Why did life treat me so bad?
Modern superstitions,
lack of meaning in our behaviour,
values and morals waylaid but it doesn’t matter.
Playing it too safe,
daily monotony at its best,
stagnant and weary,
rigid like the rock of Gibraltar.
Blinded by our experiences,
leading us down a dead end,
unable to see the solutions,
wallowing in pain,
there is always someone to blame.
Future of uncertainty,
questions of our culture and identity,
where do we go from here?
Going from one extreme to the other,
either cowardice or aggressive,
how do we come to the centre?
Let go of all identifications,
ending our own frustrations,
be silent and still, be silent and still, be silent and still.
Be One with the Tao.
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