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Hope of Our Future

March 31, 2014


Today after watching a video clip on youtube, had the feeling that many teenagers and young people in this world  face a lot of confusion and anxiety about their future. The character in the video, a teenage japanese girl who had felt quite confused about her future was lucky to get her dream fulfilled by a TV show. At her age, i was completely lost and the future seemed bleak to me. There was no one to guide and counsel me, only expectations that i felt i had to fulfill which i didn’t know how to. It was a difficult period and looking back, i feel that i needed much love and support in those times. I can understand why many young people would get into relationships with the opposite gender at a young age looking for love which perhaps their families did not provide. Now that the family unit seems to face many challenges these days, the one that suffers most are the children. And they are the hope of the future so it really is my desire that people can place their children as their priority and not a liability. I’m not talking about pampering the children but really knowing what they need which is attention and love. And not just when they are small but also throughout their teenage phase.  Giving them money or gifts is the worst i feel, many Singaporean parents are so deprived of time to spend with their children, their only concern is to make more money and they make up to them by spoiling them.

Few weeks ago, i was feeling that the people in Singapore are too difficult -materialistic, conditioned, egotistical and i really don’t know what will be the future of this country. Shortly after having these thoughts,  i got a call from my aunt to bring her keys, she stays in the next block and she had misplaced her keys. So outside her flat, the neighbours were there, a Malay family. The couple came to the grandma’s house to pick up their daughter after work. So after passing the keys to my aunt, i was waiting for the lift together with this couple and their kid. The kid was about 2 or 3 years, saw something i was holding in my hand and was quite fascinated and started to play with me and even said hello in her own sweet way. It was a really nice feeling and those previous moments of hopelessness was gone. The event really affirmed strongly to me the power of innocence and that children are indeed the hope of our future.

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