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Stepping into our glory

February 4, 2014

credits to George Redgrave

First blog post of the year! Wasn’t feeling so positive about 2014 at first since 2013 had been a great year but now that a month has passed I can feel that 2014 is something to look forward to.  Also there were many amazing experiences which happened at the beginning of the year to prove me wrong(that 2014 will not be so good). Year of the horse seems to bring a positive vibe!

During first day of chinese new year, all the relatives gathered at grandma’s house. We would see all our relatives and have dinner together. One of my cousins asked me if there was anything new in my life, as we don’t see each other often. I said not really. Did you go anywhere for holiday? No. Are you still working in the same job? Yes. Nothing new to report. Another cousin asked me if I dye my hair. I said not really, maybe to cover my white hairs sometimes but nothing flashy. Or try some different hairstyle? Still my answer was no. By this time I think she must be thinking I’m such a bore. The conversation led to how work and life will be so boring if we don’t follow any trend, as there would be no conversation topics. She was suggesting I should follow the trends. My reply was I don’t follow trends. Well not for the sake of following them.

Even though on the outside it seems as if there’s nothing new going on in my life, but I feel my inner life is quite vibrant and i’m enjoying the different moments of my life. Every moment is a new experience and we can always choose & create it to be different.


Living life as One

Free to Be, no holding back, lovingly connect, heart to heart

Feeling the caresses of the gentle breeze

Rays of sunlight nourishing me

Stepping into our glory!

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