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3 Elements of Success

October 18, 2013



The parallels between piano & meditation.

Watching Lang Lang’s videos on youtube made me realise what makes for success, by breaking it down to 3 important elements.

1. Talent

2. Passion

3. Hardwork

Talent i feel is something inborn, either you have it or you don’t. Well for those lacking in that department, we can make it up by the other two factors. But even passion and hardwork is something which may not come easy.

A recent visit by a deep and experienced yogi had left a deep impression on me.  Meditation and spiritual ascent is the most important thing to me so i guess naturally i wanted to be more successful in this area.  (Success is not really the right word here but i will just use it anyway.) Well in fact I have seen much changes and improvements in myself  over the years but hearing from someone who has been there done that really gives the inspiration and booster for me to become more successful.

I was trying to put the three elements  above into perspective in my meditation practice.

Talent in this aspect i would say is whether one has the quality of seeking. There are many people today who are seekers of ancient times who are looking for their meaning and nothing is more important to them than finding the answer they are looking for. Perhaps i do have a little of that.

Passion is the amount of heart that is used. How strong is your desire to connect with the divine power? How much love do you have for yourself and others? Have to open my heart out more, it is quite closed.

Hardwork is the action put in. How focused and intense are we? Seekers in the past had to do tapasya(penances) to achieve their spiritual goals. Nowadays, we take things for granted. Modern life is so busy and full of distractions. Feeling lazy a lot, i find that reconnecting with my purpose gives me the sense of dynamism which keeps me going instead of feeling like i’m forcing myself to meditate.

Out of these three factors, Passion is still the most important for success as love is the answer to everything. With love, everything will work out.

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  1. October 21, 2013 9:32 am

    Hi Hui Hua,

    Talent.. it’s something not under our control. That distinguishes it from the other two elements. For me I won’t give any thought to it, because thinking about things I have no control over comes down to two things – either wishful thinking (wishing I had talent I don’t have) or excuses not to do things (I won’t do it because I’m not talented).

    Passion.. how do you open your heart more? It’s a question for you, though you don’t have to answer to me, just to yourself. For me, I usually know what I need to do, but sometimes I’m reluctant to do it. I even convince myself it’s impossible because I’m so reluctant.

    Hard work.. I think it follows from passion. If I have a clear purpose then work isn’t work, it is just the actions I’m naturally taking to reach towards my goal. The Landmark world-view applies here – inside a possibility, opportunities for action call me powerfully into action.

    One other thought I had while reading – “I have succeeded” is a thought which gets in the way of succeeding .. it’s something I often find a challenge during meditation, when I clear my mind and then the thought “Yay, I’ve cleared my mind, I need to tell someone about this” pops up 🙂


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