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Game of Life

June 2, 2013


I was just reading on a project where children were taught to play a financial literacy game to help them learn the importance of managing their finances when they grow up. Children learn by playing games and it’s sad to see that in schools these days, the pressure to do well in academics has taken out the playing out of learning. Learning = seriousness? No wonder all the children in Singapore are feeling so stressed and unhappy from the endless homework and tuition classes after school 😦

While children are playing games to prepare themselves for the future, we as adults are playing the bigger game, of Life. But are we? Or we are being too serious? Afraid of trying new ways to solve the puzzle and repeating the same choices over and over again, hoping for different results. Maybe we are not even aware that life is a game to be played. Everyday just going to work and back has probably numbed us. If we can try to adopt a playful and lighthearted attitude to life, seeing life as endless possibilities, our perspective of everyday things may just change. Nothing is what it seems to be, it’s what we make of it!

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