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Happy Snake Year!

February 16, 2013


It’s been awhile since I posted as my computer broke down and found myself being limited to doing stuff.

Was really excited about the approach of 2013! The energy in the atmosphere during end of December felt so different, like something was changing.  I was feeling more creative and upbeat than usual!

Now already 2 months into 2013, another opportunity presents itself for self renewal- Chinese New Year! Coincidentally it is year of the water snake. The snake being a symbol of self renewal, in the Indian tradition it actually represents the kundalini energy within us. The Mayans who have predicted a new age after 21 Dec 2012, also in their mythology they are awaiting the return of a snake like god named Kukulcan. Hmm this snake symbolism seems to be prevalent… As i wrote previously that we are entering into the Age of Aquarius, which is the age of the kundalini, everything seems to fit into place whether the belief is of Chinese, Hindu or Mayan!

Happy year of the snake to everyone! BTW, today being 7th day of Chinese New Year, it is celebrated as ‘Ren Ri’ the birthday of all humans! The belief is that Nuwa, the Chinese goddess who created the world created humans on the 7th day. Interestingly, Nuwa takes the form of a snake/serpent. Happy Ren Ri to everyone!

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