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6 years and going on!

June 4, 2012

photo credits to Photomatt28

On Sunday marked the end of the World Book Fair in Singapore.

6 years ago, I received my Self Realisation at the Sahaja Yoga booth at the Book Fair and my life has changed ever since!

Only just realised that 4th June was the date I got my Realisation and also it is today’s date! Nice coincidence…

Things have changed so much, just the other day one yogi brother mentioned how quiet I used to be. He would poke me to get me to say something and I would only give him a few words. Funny how I don’t remember that!

Now at least I try to speak up a bit more!

6 years is not a short time I would say, and looking back I see myself growing in different ways every year. At the beginning, I was excited by all the new knowledge that I was learning on the mental level, then when that stagnated it was jetsetting to more experiences worldwide. After that it came down to understanding the world using my vibratory awareness instead of judging by outside appearances. Nowadays, I just feel like going deep within myself to enjoy the Silence and serenity.

On the physical level, my health has improved so much. I remember I went to see an astrologer before and he was a bit surprised at how weak I was and predicted many different diseases and health problems which I will develop over time.  I would say that now my general physique has improved and I have a deeper understanding of the subtle underlying causes of my problems hence the ability to reduce the impact of any major health problems.

This year and the years to come seem quite challenging in many ways for the human race and I only desire that humanity will be able to reach within for the strength to face it.

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