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Its a full time job to keep in balance!

May 24, 2012

Man, it has been a roller coaster ride since my last post! Finally I feel like im back riding on a flat road again. Well sounds a bit exaggerated doesn’t it? yea I was having my fair share of negative attacks, gastrointestinal problems, skin outbreaks and nonsense at home, while work on the other hand was super boring. Anyways it is great to be back on track, I think I have found my footing, giving me the wee bit of stability which I need.

Balance is the key to everything right? I remember say 10 years ago when I was still actively seeking for the Truth, I really had no idea what balance is. Life was just lived out through my emotional side  and there was no grounding, seems to be fluid and I was just at a loss of what to do with my life. I remember writing down in my dream book the qualities of the person that I wanted to be. It was a desire and wish but without knowing how to become that.

After getting Self Realisation, coming to 6 years now, life has changed too much. Balance is now something within reach, just requiring a bit of effort on my part. It has become  a reality to be able to live in balance and to come back to the balance if I do topple, which is quite often. To be balanced is so important to me now because it is so enjoyable a state to be in. You feel your own power and strength, not requiring anything on the outside, you are standing on your feet. And it is the only way which we can ascend higher in our spiritual life.

Yes I mentioned a bit of effort is required. It is easier for Sahaja Yogis to be in balance than others I find because they already have some crucial elements necessary to become balanced people. What I feel to  be the most important is the Self awareness. Understanding about ourself not just mentally but also vibrationally. They have the ability to know themselves at the energy level, which is the root cause of any imbalances. You need to know your own problems very well before you can balance them.

Another important element I would say is chitta, which means attention. Most of the time our attention is outside, reacting to every little thing that crosses our path. We feel unhappy over what other people say or do, always trying to find fault and criticise, being attracted by all the stupid advertisements etc etc. The spontaneous turning of the attention inwards is only possible through kundalini awakening and  Sahaja Yoga meditation, which is the easiest, safest and most effective way. Many people still do not believe how easy it can be!  When your attention is within yourself, things which use to affect and influence you loses its power. We feel much more calmer and in control of ourself.

Living in this crazy world, there are so many things out there to trip us. Staying balanced is no easy task but I find that once you are balanced it is easier to stay that way. And equipping yourself with the necessary tools, techniques and connection (divine connection!) is really essential. What really made a difference for me in these 2 weeks  was waking up at 4.15am to meditate. Well you might think Im crazy and so would I some time back haha. Im not an early riser at all! I have problem getting out of bed in the morning and I usually feel groggy for quite a bit. It is really unlike me at all to be waking up at 4.15am. Well what happened was I heard some of the fantastic experiences of this newcomer couple to Sahaja Yoga meditation and was really inspired by them! It turned out that waking up at 4.15am was much easier than at 7am, this was a surprise for me.  And the meditation was so much better and helped me in restoring the balance which I badly needed. Well if anyone would be trying please share with me your experience on how you feel!

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