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The 5 Elements

February 22, 2012

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The concept of the 5 elements has a basis in many ancient civilisations such as Greek, Indian, Babylonian, Chinese, Japanese to name a few. These elements of Earth, Fire, Water , Air and Ether are a phenomenon of our physical world and known to be the basic essential constituents making up matter. It is said that God created man out of the earth. Upon death, our body which is made up of  the earth element as well as the other elements, dissolves into it’s individual elements, going back to where it came from. Hence the cycle continues.

In Sahaja Yoga, after receiving our Self Realisation, what we have is the ability to use these 5 elements. These elements have its own innate properties and can act as a purifier by removing our problems. As the different chakras (energy centres) are created by the elements and also correspond to different elements, we can use the specific element to help us cleanse and purify that particular chakra. When our chakras get cleansed, we feel in balance and attain meditation state effortlessly. We feel the oneness with Nature and enjoy it’s soothing effect on us.

Earth – Mooladhara

Sitting on Mother Earth helps our Mooladhara very much. We can place both our hands on Mother Earth and allow her to absorb all the heaviness and problems within us. The qualities of Mother Earth awakens within us as we become a more tolerant, patient and forgiving person.

Fire – Swadisthan, Agnya (light)

We can use a candle flame, which can correct our Swadisthan and Agnya chakras. The fire burns away the impurity or negativity within us. The qualities of Fire and Light start showing within us like a silent fire within which burns away wrong things and on the outside we can see the glowing radiance on our faces!

Water – Nabhi

Footsoaking is an essential cleansing technique using water and also the earth element. Daily footsoak cleanses our bottom chakras especially Nabhi and Void. We feel the tension just melt away into the water. We become soft and gentle in our ways with others but remain strong within.

Air- Anahat

Breathing helps our heart chakra. We can try out this breathing exercise, first take a deep breathe and then hold it for sometime before exhaling it out completely. Do it for a few times. This element shows within us as the cool breeze which comes out of our fontanelle bone area on top of our head after Self Realisation.

Ether- Vishuddhi

By talking to others in a genuine sweet and beautiful manner, we can create and maintain good relations with others. The voice (sound) is transmitted through the ether element.

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