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9 Tips for Expressing Love and Joy

September 29, 2011


In my previous post, i mentioned that Li (礼)has to be complemented with Ren(仁)which is the sincerity and compassion.

To do things with heart is the most important and it will only give you joy. Being open hearted is like an antidote against all negativity. Normally what brings me down doesnt really affect me when my heart is open, I can even laugh at it! Seeing others who are just dull, grumbling, unhappy and numb; There is this compulson to just affect everyone with love and joy. I realised that there are ways to actually express this love and joy and share it with others. I used to be not so good at it and found that not expressing it out and letting it flow is actually quite an uncomfortable feeling. Love is definitely meant to go around! Ok so here are 9 tips for you to try out:

1. Giving presents with sincerity. Finding out what the other person likes or is desiring by keeping  mental notes in everyday life.

2. Receiving gifts and situations with appreciation and gratefulness.

3. Appreciating other people for little things they have done for you, things that they have gone out of the way to do,  beautiful qualities that they have, things that they are good at, anything can be appreciated!

4. Physical expressions of love such as hugging and gentle touches. Well maybe not too much. Done with heart and not the superficial type will give the best effect.

5.  Being in connection with people you love. Chatting and finding out how they are doing.

6.  Being generous by sharing and giving. Could be food, money, time, resources, help etc.

7. Expressing joy through music and singing. Or any other art form.

8. Doing  things which will please others, eg doing housework, cooking for family, making a drink for my brother, serving my parents etc.

9. Telling others about Sahaja Yoga and giving them Self Realisation, which is the most precious gift we can give.

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