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Exposing Miss Superego

August 5, 2011

photo credits to binaryCoco

*Superego in the title is used in the Sahaja Yoga context


Being Asian, there are many conditionings that I have to live with. Mainly from parents and the society.  There are certain expectations required and if i do not meet that, then I will face much disapproval from others. Well Im talking about expectations such as studying hard and getting a good job and others which i cannot think of at the moment. Well in some ways it is good as you get kept in check as the family support is usually there for the children to succeed in life, well i mean usually as nowadays trends are changing everywhere, but often I just feel the lack of freedom to pursue what is important to me.  So in my parents eyes i have failed since i did not meet their expectations.

Conditionings which one have, could be beliefs that they hold onto dearly without any truth in it, or it could be habits which do them no good yet they cannot get rid of it. Usually in the case of beliefs, the one having it is oblivious that it is just a belief. To them it is the truth and no one can convince them otherwise.

It is easy to see when these conditionings manifest itself! They are usually expressed emotionally in our thoughts and words such as, “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t know”“I’m scared” and the likes of such negative comments. Also, the element of fear is very often in the background.

Beliefs which are negative and not empowering us have to be re-examined!
Have you ever felt stuck in a situation? Or maybe bored and tired with your life? We might be doing certain things over and over again yet not getting results. Instead of trying something different, we are feeling  frustrated about it! Instead of facing the problem we are trying to escape!

What we should do first is to face our negative emotions and see what is actually going on beneath. There is more than meets the eye! To see our self clearly is not an easy task, it requires a detached attitude like seeing our self from outside of  our self. Then, examine what is the pattern which keeps repeating and giving us problems, for example the problem like being late all the time and making others wait, and the pattern being going out of the house at the last minute. Well facing yourself this way would require  a lot of patience though.

We are blind to various conditionings not because there is something wrong with our eyes but it is due to darkness . Once the light comes on, then the truth is seen for itself. So uncovering our conditionings is like lifting the filters  and allowing the light to pass through. Once you know what is untruth you will automatically give it up. And you might start trying new things, new approaches, new ways! Suddenly life is full of possibilities which you never knew! Your whole world might just change, you start feeling good about your self, feeling inspired!

Yes i was mentioning earlier that I am a failure in my parents eyes as I couldn’t meet their expectations. I used to be quite upset about that but I have come to realise that  we are just coming from different perspectives.  I cannot possibly follow and fulfill what they expect me to do all the time.  What is more important is the way I see myself and the joy I get out of being my Self.

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