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Why Singaporeans need to meditate?

June 22, 2011

photo credits to Sheep"R"Us

Today while having lunch at a hawker centre(place for cheap local food) i was kinda saddened by the  type of people i saw there. Some of the food sellers were uncouth and bad tempered while many who were eating there seem like soulless people roaming the earth. Well, this is not representative of the people of Singapore but I do see many like that everywhere I go, especially middle aged and above.

Singapore lacks  in culture and spirit, and it has gotten worse  over the years. Everything has become so artificial including the lives that we lead. Many people are numb and expressionless, only lighting up to the mention of money.  We are suppose to be an affluent country but many are still struggling with their livelihoods.

After practising Sahaja Yoga meditation for few years now, I have felt a huge difference in my life and have seen it in others. The person who practises medtitation(Im referring to Sahaja Yoga meditation) is able to transform his own life and create a positive effect on everyone that he encounters. The  transformation that we experience are mainly in 4 aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Im sure if more and more people take to meditation, our whole society will change for the better.

1. Better health overall.

As you know health care costs are increasing and many complain that they might not be able to afford it if a serious illness lands them in the hospital. As stress builds up in our life, the tendency to get sick will be much higher as sickness is due to imbalances in our body system. Meditating keeps you in  good health as you become the doctor of your own self,  knowing what are the problems you have and how to correct them. It is an insurance in itself without the hefty monthly fees.

2. Peace of mind.

We can turn off our TV when it gets too loud and annoying but can we switch off our own minds when we are feeling stressed? Our mind seems to have a life of its own, always reacting to everything. Even when we are trying to sleep, it is still giving us a big headache. Finally, we can become our own master. In meditation, we cross beyond our mind into the thoughtless stage. It is a stage where we watch in silence. We have the freedom to think or not to think. It is up to us. Worries that we have may just disappear into thin air after we see how absurd it is. This is only possible when we are not involved in our problems, but watching them from a state of silent detachment, we can see the solution much more clearly.

3. Joy and Satisfaction of Life

People work too hard here and with the govenrment extending retirement age to 65 and beyond, when do you get to rest? I think most people dont even dare think about it. The idea of a life beyond working is quite unimaginable. Most people tell me that they will feel bored if they dont work.  The way we try to get joy out of material things is also worrying. Shopping malls spring up like mushrooms to support our national past time and chasing after the 6 Cs (cash, credit card, car, condo, career, country club) is the norm. People are always on the lookout for some sensory stimulation, like  changing the latest handphones and computers, or  like my colleagues planning for their next trip, after they just get back from one. We get our happiness from all the things outside that we neglect other more important things like relationship with other humans. Even family relationships are very challenging these days. The children are defiant of their parents while the old are neglected.

What meditation does is it awakens qualities within us which we may not know exist. We become completely satisfied and peaceful from within and for the first time we start to enjoy ourselves. Our hearts open out and we start feeling the love and bliss being poured into us and naturally we want to share this love with others around us. Everything outside is the same but our attitude within has changed and we only seek what gives us the real joy within.

4. Inner Growth

There’s one saying that the inner world is as big as the world outside. We pursue all the education in the world but not knowing anything about ourselves internally, what and who we are. Humans have evolved over a long period of time to the state we are today and meditation brings us into another level of our evolution, transforming us into higher beings.  Sahaja Yoga meditation starts with receiving our Self Realisation.

“Only after Self-Realisation, and only then, is there a direct experience of the Spirit. It then manifests its powers in the human personality, and it’s light enlightens the consciousness into a new awareness.”

– Shri Mataji, founder of  Sahaja Yoga

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  1. May 25, 2012 6:41 am

    How do you feel about HOng Kong ?

  2. May 25, 2012 2:00 pm

    well, of course it is not just Singaporeans but everyone who needs to meditate! Being Singaporean i guess gives me some authority to pick on my fellow countrymen haha. Hong Kong is even busier place than Singapore but the good thing i feel is there is much of nature too around if you need an escape while for us usually we will escape to Malaysia.

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