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Warriors of the Rainbow Children

March 30, 2011

“When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds.  This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words.”

– Prophecy of the Native American Hopi people

Across many of the Native American tribes there is such a prophecy of the ‘Rainbow warriors’.  When the age of darkness arrivess, they would lead the Earth back to it’s original splendour again.

Currently, our Mother Earth is being exploited like never before and humans are committing wrongdoings like there’s no tomorrow. This is the age of darkness that is looming upon us.

Many believe that the Rainbow children, who will not come from any one race, colour or religion but will live as one family, will be the ones teaching all to follow the path and ways of the Universal Spirit.

Right now there are already many people on Earth who are interested in spirituality and seeking for the Truth. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga has said that there are the maximum number of seekers born right now and these are the Blossom Times when we can get our spiritual awakening effortlessly and in an en mass manner. She has opened up the Sahasrara chakra for humanity and anyone who desires to receive Self Realisation can do so! This Sahasrara within us is rainbow in colour and upon opening, our whole being gets transformed. From an ordinary person we become like a beautiful flower, fragrant and pure!

The  Rainbow Children i would say are these enlightened beings who have their Sahasrara opened and imbibing all its qualities .  As more and more people receive their Self Realisation and achieve this enlightened awareness, they will collectively bring about the change needed to save our Earth.

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  1. March 31, 2011 9:25 am

    Nice Post,Thanks

  2. Maria permalink
    February 22, 2017 1:13 am

    Thank you!

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