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Recent musical experiences

November 10, 2010

It has been a while since my last post. Went to Perth in mid October for a week.

We visited Dr Sadanand Mankar at the Indian Classical Music Therapy Research Centre in Fremantle.  He was in Singapore in April for a concert. He teaches traditional indian classical music and also indian music therapy in the style of Sahaja Yoga.  We were given a crash course as our stay was quite short but in the 4 days we were able to go deeply within ourselves through the medium of music. I have been learning indian classical music for few years in Singapore but always felt my growth was stagnant. There were many questions marks which i had which just couldn’t seem to be answered. What i was told always is because i don’t practise thats why i cannot progress. Well that is true in a way but also on the other hand i wasn’t really seeing where i was going with it and not feeling inspired.  However in that 4 days, we really gained an appreciation for what indian classical music is. It is music for meditation, to bring us into the Silence within us.  Also because of Sahaja Yoga,  we don’to have to learn for years to understand the subtlety behind the music as explained and demonstrated by Dr Sadanand, but we just know a little and click the point.  It was a really fruitful trip for me and inspired me to go deeper and further in my own study of indian classical music.

And just past weekend I had another treat of an outdoor concert by a fusion musical group called Indialucia. Their repertoire consists of flamenco music, Indian classical and fusion of the two. It was really exhilirating to see the mastery of both styles combined together, the feeling was fresh and althought it rained, it didn’t really stop the audience from enjoying. The backdrop of the performance was set to the CBD skyline and the pouring rain and flashes of lightning only added to the exhiliration and atmosphere. As most of the performers are Sahaja Yoga practitioners, we had a nice time interacting with them throughout their time here and hearing some of their stories.  Musicians seem to be in a different league altogether and their passion kinda rubbed off on all of us.

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