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Renewing Tradition

September 22, 2010

With the technological advancement these days and chasing of a more material comfortable and affluent life, tradition seems like an old fashioned thing which is slowly dying out. What benefit does it hold anyway? Why do I have to follow some way my predecessors have followed?
Being a consumer society, the idea is to make money from each festive period. I think the most cliche and commercial is Christmas. Long before Christmas comes, we would see the shops being fitted with christmas decor and shops start selling christmas goodies. Advertisements everywhere hinting us to buy this and that.

Today is the mid-autumn festival. Chinese people celebrate by eating mooncakes and admiring the moon. It is also a time of family reunion. If we really wanna get down to it, tradition is something which has lasted for quite some time and definitely there must be some value to it. Whether it can persist depends on whether it continues to give the value to our modern day lifestyle. We should not blindly follow anything but if we follow something with the understanding of the value it gives then it becomes quite a meaningful activity. I think this year would be the most traditional year ever of celebrating mid-autumn festival. Since my parents are away, I really enjoyed going to visit my aunt and grandma with my brother. Buying mooncakes was fun, eating them was more satisfying and bonding with family: priceless

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