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Man in the Mirror

September 1, 2010

Sometimes it is only when we fall down that we learn how to pick ourselves up again. Instead of trying hard to get up by ourselves, a little help from others could be all it takes to get us up on our feet again.

I realise I can see my own problems and mistakes much more clearly through other people. We are usually too involved in our own drama to see things clearly for ourself but to see others’ problems is much more obvious. It is  like a mirror which reflects myself, like a blemish on my face which i can only see through a mirror. However this reflection can sometimes be marred when we ourselves are constantly reacting to every little thing and don’t see things for what they are.  Only when we are still and in thoughtless state, we can see through other’s problems easily, and in turn our own. I think this is the most obvious in  drama and cinema. The characters are just like our own lives being projected out in front of us. When we see similar issues we face in real lives get acted out on screen, it is most sublime, as we feel ourselves validated yet on the other hand it can be quite absurd as we never see our own issues so clearly. Suddenly we may find that the character is acting in such a stupid way and then realise ‘hey that’s me!’ One of my colleagues was telling me about this drama she was watching the other day. In the story, the lead female character was facing many difficulties but eventually overcame them. My colleague, who was going through a rough patch felt she  got the encouragement from watching the drama to face her own difficulties at work.

There is much more to learn from others than we think. When we are able to introspect our own self from other’s experiences, it is very much valuable to our growth. Sharing of experiences and stories is very powerful. My attention gets engaged when someone starts telling their story because everyone has their own experience and one can never have the same experience as another. Listening to others can expose you to a world you may never have known before.

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