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India Revisited

June 14, 2010

It’s been a while since my last post. Hope to get into the mood of bloggin again,  after a busy period.

Made a very short trip to India in early May and it left me an unexpected feeling. After coming back this feeling gets submerged gradually by work and all other mundane stuff. Hope to revisit that feeling in this post!

This was my 2nd time to India and really the experience just gets better. Well, one might wonder why India? Thats what most of my colleagues thought. Even my mum was flabbergasted.  There is no Why as i never planned to go there at all! I had envisioned the views of the Himalayas in my horizon instead. I guess too much expectations and planning just goes down the drain when it comes to plans of the Divine. I had to adjust my itinery from Nepal to India at the last minute.

Overcoming Obstacles

When the seminar was postponed in Nepal, my first thought was to change my destination and the Ganpatipule seminar came to my mind as the timeframe was exactly the same. I wouldn’t have to cancel or make much changes to my leave period. but suddenly many thoughts started to bombard my mind, How would I go there? Where am I going to stay? What’s gonna happen? The fears of travelling alone to a foreign place got it’s grip on me. Again.  Surrendering everything to the Divine was challenged as usual. However in times of emergency the help always come. Some Sahajis ( practitioners of Sahaja Yoga) came online at that time and was able to help me. I could stay with one of them and his family. Well i didn’t think much to it at that time and agreed to it.  So the whole trip i was pretty much depending on others for everything. The transportation part was arranged for me and also my stay at Vashi Hospital(Sahaja Yoga Health Centre) was arranged by calls to several parties. Many companions were there along the trip and they made me feel so blessed, cared for and the trip was so enjoyable because of them.

Joy of the Spirit

Coming from Singapore, it seemed to be sacrificing comforts to go to India, but really the Spirit within was just enjoying, even though the body outside may not be able to take it that well, haha. The heat was smothering, my thirst needed quenching, I never sweated like that before! but inside i was still joyful! i think this can only happen in India? The beautiful red earth of Shri Ganesha’s land was staining us from top to bottom, really i have never seen such redness! This time I really went along with the Indian style of doing things! Like taking nap when it was really hot, taking shower with limited water, eating with hands only, to name a few.  I was surprised that many of my inhibitions dropped off. Things which i could not do  in Singapore i was starting to do there. I felt free like a different person sometimes!

The Indian Factor

What left me the strongest impression this time was mainly the people i met. Especially the villagers. I guess having an alien face did gave me a lot of attention, in a good way. I was able to talk to many people, well not really as it was like duck and goose at times but it didn’t matter. A bit of hindi does help a long way though(to make others smile) and also an interpretor by my side! The warmth of the villagers was endearing and i felt my heart melt. I met an extended family at Vashi who like me, had made their way there after the seminar ended at Ganapatipule. One of the girls had recognised me and started talking to me. Their family was allowed to stay on for the night there and i had a nice time just chillin with them. When it was time to go the next day, it was kinda hard to say good bye. One of the girls gave me a hug out of nowhere and started to cry after a while. I was really surprised by her reaction since she had been in the background most of time and i didn’t really talk to her much. Well i reciprocated her reaction haha and it was me who couldn’t stop even after they were gone. It is such an episode and some others which showed me the greatness of hearts and also make me realise what we are so deprived of  back at home. Another highlight of the trip was meeting some of the people i knew from the internet. It was really joyful to see them in person!

The one week was really like an adventure with interesting encounters and episodes along the way, like a big drama unfolding. By grace of our divine Mother, things worked out in a most beautiful way as always and it is experiences such as these which help to strengthen our trust and faith in the Divine to take care of us in every way.

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