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‘Organic’ the way to go?

March 4, 2010

Recently my attention was on organic foods. I never really knew what organic foods was about till now i reckon. The other day at the supermarket i was just browsing in the organic food section  and suddenly i felt these  strong vibrations in my hands. (those who practise Sahaja Yoga can feel  cool breeze in their hands!) Usually when this occurs, i  wonder what has happened to trigger that. Then i realised that it must be the organic foods. At that point I felt that organic foods must be pretty good. All i have known about  organic produce is that they are grown without any chemicals and that they are much more costly. What i wasn’t aware of were the benefits though.

Well,  i received a link to  a blogpost shortly in my email on organic foods and sensitive living and the timely email made me  inspired to find out more. I’m quite sensitive to food and usually  know what is good for me.  I don’t really like to eat out much which  is quite funny as most Singaporeans love to eat out. I find the food outside not really satisfying and don’t really feel good when I eat it. I think organic food will give much better energy for my body since it is natural.  I think i have been conditioned to think that meat gives energy and strength but people have been telling me  green vegies give energy. Having a weak body constitution, i generally feel weak when i take too much carbs and not much of protein. Maybe that is why I have never associated vegies with giving energy. Also, I think the vegies that i’m taking may not be nutritious enough. I’m thinking of taking organic vegies to see if it will make a difference to my body since i heard it is nutritionally more  dense. (well to what degree i do not know)

So the next step is to find out where the organic foods can be found here in Singapore. After some search on the net and news from a friend, I realised that most supermarkets here do have some selection of organic vegies! well that I wasn’t aware of but now i will open my eyes when i go shopping! There are even organic farms here which i find surprising!

Top Benefits of Eating Organic Foods:

1. Nutritious and wholesome >>more vitamins and nutrition, better for your mind, body and spirit!

2.Taste better

3. Safe for consumption (no pesticides and chemicals addedto the soil)

4. Saving environment- environmental sustainability

It is only in these modern times that “unnatural” ways of living have become the norms. It is quite scary if we really scrutinise how foods are grown commercially. The use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers are quite harmful to our body and many foods are modified to make it sell better. I wonder what we really take into our bodies.  Organic foods I feel is not something new, it is just going back to how food has been grown all along- with help of Mother Earth and Nature and nothing else.

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