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Naming a name

December 30, 2009

Our own name can be the sweetest word that we hear when uttered by a loved one. It seems to have given us an identity.  The reply to a simple question “Who are you?” often get the reply “I am  (name)”. The importance of the name is such that it has been identified with the person itself and forgetting someone’s name is akin to holding him in disregard. On  occasions when I do  remember people’s names, they usually feel surprised and pleased when I say it correctly. It’s really nice to make people happy by trying to remember their names.

Part of my work in school revolves around dealing with namelists of the students. Once while going through the names my attention just went to how the names were so different. There were Chinese names, Malay names (muslim names), Indian names and Western names. Some names were more common than others and appear quite frequently or in different variations. Like the ‘Hui’ in my name is pretty common among chinese girls here. Nowadays, more Singaporean chinese kids are carrying Western names which wasn’t so popular like say 10 years back. This is the trend these days I feel that the parents want to make life more convenient and easier for their children so  they give them Western names which are easier to say and remember. Even with Western names, people like to play with the traditional name to make it more modern and fanciful.

Maybe not so many people know that names have energies. It is not just a name. Giving a name to someone propels them in a certain direction in life. And  changes in the names given to children compared to the past can even collectively  affect the destiny of a group, even a country.  I read somewhere from a numerology expert that in America, the top 10 most popular names given to newborns these days are lacking in strong numbers. This could prove to be a challenge down the road for the used- to- be mighty country if the population lacks strong characters and leaders. Well, this might not be so hard to imagine after all,  since the country is really going down in many ways and the world is seeing the rise of other nations. These days I find Indian names pretty interesting. Many of the names are  taken after names of deities or if not, they usually have very good meanings.  I always feel that a person acquires the energy of their name and have tried to verified this with people that i know by asking the meaning of their names. It is very auspicious to be named after the names of deities. I feel it is like trying to acquire some of the power that the deity embodies. No wonder that Indians are such powerful and strong people!  Strong in devotion and faith. Powerful in their fearlessness and innocence.

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