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Writer’s block?

November 13, 2009

These days just not feeling so much  inspiration to write anything even though there were some ideas which came to me.  Today came across one blog post which was quite motivational in this writing aspect. The title of it is Stephen King’s Top 7 tips for Becoming a Better Writer.  Well Stephen King is not exactly my cup of tea but was just curious on what he would suggest. Well it was quite a good read and found the tips being expanded by the author pretty useful, especially the one on overcoming procrastination.  which is to just do it anyway.

At work i found a way to motivate myself. by setting goals. small ones. I will  set a time to complete a task i’m currently doing. in that way i will go all out in trying to  finish it. that makes me more efficient and alert in doing my work. n it feels like a game, trying to beat the clock. haha. it doesn’t help if you give yourself too much time then it doesn’t really give the motivation but only procrastination. I find that i waste too much time in doing nothing when the dateline is too far away and also i become unfocussed. It is best to set one  specific goal at a time and try to finish it  in a short timeframe. Well I have only tried this for one day and found that in my eagerness to achieve my goals i got burned out by mid day.  So the key I feel is not to go to extremes. We have to be dynamic and focussed without overworking ourselves too much. Well that is easier said then done. Recently they are piling more work on me and that is creating a lot of resistance within me.  What to do? I can only accept and try to make myself more efficient.

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