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August 31, 2009

Actually i’m using this word ‘Omen’ interchangeably with the idea of Signs or Coincidences. This may not be the true meaning of the word so just to put it upfront in order not to confuse readers.

It’s fun to look out for omens. they r like speaking a secret language and we r trying to discover what it is trying to tell us. They are intelligent and appear so timely in unexpected places, making us inquisitive to understand its meaning. The appearance and happening of the omens bring much joy and enthrallment to its Watcher as he/she feels the presence and guidance of the Higher Power. We watch with ever curiosity and wonder to where the next omen will lead us to! The more we notice these omens, the more frequently they will appear!
And just as i’m writing this a nice omen appears before me. haha. a friend who i will name as A had previously told me that i should talk to this certain person which i will name as N, who could help me in a small problem which i had. this friend A had just came online while i’m writing this post, and asked me again if i had consulted N on that problem. I said no. Then i was just checking facebook and got one friend request from N. how timely! And also i realised that im listening to Hanuman Chalisa at the same time all this happened! well as Shri Mataji has said before Shri Ganesha is the one who creates the miracles while Shri Hanumana is the doer of the miracles! So everything just works out in a manner which is so unpredictable and full of surprise! Leaving one to be humbled and awed by the workings of the Divine.

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