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Expression of Love

August 6, 2009

Staying in Singapore, I’m really feeling the dryness of this city. Well being in the tropics, this place is more humid than anywhere haha. A friend came here recently and commented that he couldn’t possibly live in this place as it was hard for him to breathe. haha then what kind of dryness am i talking about?

We are having a love drought.

Everywhere I don’t see any love. Or is it that i am blind? or maybe I have become similarly dry that i cannot see it. Well on the contrary I do see love but it is so hidden that one may need some time to discover it let alone surface it. Well they say that the best way to receive love is to give it. well that is easier said than done for some people. Well not to say that these people are cold and heartless but maybe for them the outward expression and showing of this love is the hard part. In my family love is shown by things being done for us and by our overall well being. Physical and verbal expressions of love are practically non existent. I didn’t realise that expressing love would be so important in building close family ties until recent years. Many family units here i suppose undergo this similar situation. Working in a local school, the message which i get is that there is an uptrend in the children with behavioural problems and they usually do come from families which are having problems.

It seems like people have gotten use to life the current way. maybe they think there is no other way. Sometimes i feel really smothered. Life without love is really hard. Going to work is a dread, facing the dry people and environment. Staying at home is frustrating with parents’ constant criticism and nagging. Being with loving people on the other hand makes time go so fast and is always so full of enjoyment. I think that is y people these days turn to romantic love for the solution. well that can be part of the equation but not the complete picture.

Everything starts with ourselves for things to change. We have to take the first step to show some love and concern for others in a sincere way. And that takes immense courage, to break the status quo. Why not try to come up with some simple ways to show our love to the people around us? Just take it small at the beginning 🙂

As National Day is just around the corner, want to wish Singapore a happy 44th birthday!

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