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Triggers from the Past

July 6, 2009

What exactly does the phrase ‘Blast from the Past’ mean?

‘Blast’ seems to be a very strong word  and to me it feels  like something from my past has suddenly appeared in my sphere of existence in a big way like an explosion which is totally unexpected!

Well to me that phrase seems kinda exaggerated, actually i feel it as more of a trigger from the past rather than a blast! These days i’ve been experiencing many triggers from my past. And like a trigger it surfaces thoughts, feelings, emotions within me from heydays.

Suddenly, many of my past interests/hobbies i’m starting to rediscover. People I used to know are suddenly contacting me. Depending on the individual we may react differently to the past.  We may indulge in it or avoid it completely. Well past is already gone, so there is no point in indulging in it, while to avoid it seems to be an act of denial and only makes any past resurface over n over again.  By watching my reactions in a detached way, I  have the freedom to respond in a different way from the past and hence create something new. But that is not so easy at times when the issue is more personal to us and we r too identified with it. One of my friends who i was close to previously but kinda drifted apart later recently msged me and we had a little catching up.  Our relationship now is definitely different from before since many things have happened and people do grow and change.  I think he could’t accept that and wanted things to be as the same as they were years back. Well I was ready to continue our friendship and to  find out all the news about him which i have missed these years and catch up about everything but that didn’t seem to be enough.  He insists everything to be like in the old times but that is just not possible considering circumstances have changed. It’s a bit sad to see him still clinging tightly onto something which doesn’t exist anymore. I think this is how the past can kill off all enjoyment from the present.

Humans are on the path of evolution. I recognised that many of my previous interests just doesn’t resonate with me anymore or have lost much of their appeal. Like my music taste has really changed so much. The other day i went to watch a badminton tournament at the indoor stadium. The last time i went to watch the same tournament was 10 years ago!  I enjoyed it thoroughly but the feeling was not the same as 10 years back when i was too crazy over it. Everything has its time and place and i really treasure all the beautiful memories i have had in my past and acknowledge the terrible ones, which have all brought me to where i am today. The past shouldn’t stop me from being free in the present.

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