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Feminine powers

June 15, 2009

I think it has never been a better time to be a woman.

Being born in this age, there is so much freedom for women to do what their heart chooses. Women have the equal rights as men to do whatever they wish, to fulfill their ambitions , to express themselves etc.

Not so long ago, women were more suppressed generally, and looked upon as inferior beings to men.  I never liked being female,  due to the conditionings that has been instilled into me by my mother and the female figures around me when i was young. There was no positive female figure which i could look upon. All they do is to complain about their life, and repeat stories of all the negative things they had to face and go through in their lives as women.  Also, from them I felt that women seemed to be subservient to men. Subconsciously, i was  rejecting the feminine aspect within me to please my mother but she never seemed to be pleased with me.

Women have developed more masculine attributes perhaps to fit  into this society of ours, which values  manly qualities such as competition, aggression etc. Women who used to stay at home now have to come out to work with the men.  Well such a role reversal leads to problems as certain aspects  will be neglected such as children who do not get the attention of their mothers.

It is only after Sahaja Yoga, that im really enjoying being female as the feminine powers within us gets awakened after Self Realisation and really gives one the satisfaction and joy.  Before that i have never really experienced the joy of being female and thought guys  have it better off. Now, I feel that being female is so much more powerful as we are the ‘shaktis’. I first heard of this word 5 years ago in 2004 (before Sahaja Yoga), when someone told me it means power. I think it has come full circle and today i truly feel the meaning of this word but yet to fathom the depth of it.

What are these feminine powers then?

2. compassion

3. forbearance

4. intuition

God has created men and women to be different and we should be what we were meant to be.  Then we will feel the balance in our lives.  Now as Shri Mataji has said is the Blossom Times where people are going to be evolved into a higher state. This is the time where the feminine aspect is awakened and there is a shift towards the Feminine qualities. It is necessary for everyone to develop such qualities for our spiritual ascent.

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  1. June 21, 2009 7:55 pm

    Absoultlry right.. even My Thoughts changes only when i felt my powers, that at times i am more peaceful and calmer than males, they would be jumping, shouting and i sitting dowm calmly wold know the solution and waiting for them to ask me its so cool that they turn to you for suggestions and then they say how can you be so perfect.
    and i smile:)

  2. June 21, 2009 11:23 pm

    oh thats so cool of u!!! and thanks for your comment….is nice to get some interaction and feedback on the posts….i visited your website, it is a nice one! didn’t know u r a fashion designer, must be really interesting job….unfortunately i can’t understand the poems u have written 😦 but must be good….

  3. October 9, 2009 5:14 pm

    it’s true and much more than only 4 qualities. i feel women have endless powers, the more they apply and use them on a daily base the more these grow and unlock new others. it’s lovely to read about it, thank you

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