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Rhythm of Life

May 21, 2009

I feel like writing something these days but nothing really concrete is coming to my mind. The ideas I have are just like fragments floating about and sometimes a sudden inspiration gets lost after a day or two.

I feel like sleeping under the open sky and watching the clouds pass by. or just listen to the sound of the
waves rhythmically lapping onto the shores. Immerse myself into Nature and feel the timelessness, without a care in the world. That’s what i wanna do right now. There’s a certain magic about Nature that attracts people to it. To me it is the rhythm which is ever repeating and regular giving us the familiarity and peace. Maybe we long for it because it gives us what we don’t have, the peace within ourselves. Like the seasons which come and go, the rise and setting of the sun and moon, we align our lives according to such happenings. When we go against this rhythm, the discord can be reflected in our lives as ill health, emotional and mental disturbances etc. We can dwell into this rhythm in Nature to bring us to that silence and depth within us.

After working so hard, it is quite nice to be able to relax in the arms of Mother Nature as she takes all our troubles and strains away.

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