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Reflections on my China/HK trip

May 6, 2009

Is been sometime since my last post.
Was in Hong Kong and Shenzhen over the weekend to attend the National China Sahaja Yoga Seminar. Was quite an interesting and amazing experience. It is an event where Sahaja Yoga practitioners from all parts of China come together to share experiences, learn from one another, enjoy the greater collectivity and to grow in our spiritual ascent. Other than the mainland Chinese, there were others from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Italy, Greece,Russia, Malaysia adding flavour to the whole affair 🙂

Sahaja Yoga started not too long ago in China and is amazing how it has spread so fast over there. There were even people coming down from Xinjiang! I was moved and touched by the quality of the Chinese people. They are simple people and having the dharmic foundations, which is necessary for the spiritual growth. During the sharing sessions, there were some themes which came up which i feel was quite crucial such as the sense of belonging to a larger family. Is really amazing how they have been able to establish Sahaja Yoga in such a short time. Feel that their hardworking and disciplined nature is also key and they are quite united people. Their thirst for knowledge and desire to grow in their spiritual ascent was evident. It was quite an amazing feeling for me to be part of this event as the vibrations thoughout the event was just tremendous! I felt my meditation was deeper and the bliss that the Divine was pouring down was too much. Also being with the Chinese, I could see a different aspect which is perhaps lacking in myself. That’s also the wonder of travelling and broadening our horizons. Experiencing different places, people and culture allow us to see in ourselves our fixed mindset and helps us to appreciate diversity.

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  1. shalini permalink
    February 1, 2010 3:08 pm

    Wow so cool! You got the chance to experience the collectivity in China…Very nice to see such a big sahaj family in China;) Jsm

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