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Musical Inspirations

March 30, 2009

I think music is something which everyone enjoys and it has the means of uplifting our spirits. Well in these past few weeks i had the chance of watching 2  very amazing and talented musicians both at the Esplanade, which is a top performance venue for the arts in Singapore.

One of them is Brian Mcknight, a favourite singer of mine for quite a long time. His songs had accompanied me through some rough times in the past. His versatility is shown by his varied ventures into areas such as singing, his ability to play 9 different instruments, composing and arranging songs,  music production, acting in musicals and theatre, hosting, dee jaying, playing professional bball, and other talents. After his concert it gave me a better idea of who he was as a person. He was more of a performer than i thought! And also made me inspired to sing!

The 2nd concert i went to was an indian classical concert by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan,  a world renowned sarod musician. The music was amazing and time just passed really fast! Perhaps we were too entranced by the sweet sounds of the sarod and what seemed like 30 mins  was actually 90!  I was surprised! After finding out more on him on the internet, I was deeply inspired by his personality. He is a traditional, humble and spiritual person who is full of passion for his music. He has a higher vision of what his music is about and clearly expresses that in his being.  Yet he is  revolutionary and innovative as he infuses new elements into his music. Indeed legendary.

Well the most funny thing is after watching both of these concerts there were  some obvious  similarities in the these 2 musicians.

1. Both had 2 beautiful sons, Brian’s sons Brian Jr and Niko and Ustad Khan’s sons, Amaan and Ayaan who accompanied their father’s  performance and have taken after their father music wise. It really is nice to see the younger generation taking over the older generation and nice to see the fatherly love that both musicians showed.

2. Well both concerts were at the same venue. haha.

3. Both musicians have the same life path number of 9. Those with the number 9  are all about spirituality. They are destined to travel a humanitarian path. These sophisticated individual are very selfless souls and are often patient, trustworthy and honorable from the very beginning to the end of their life. The way Brian expresses his spirituality is through his music which is authentic and soulful. He does not try to please the mainstream but produces timeless songs which is heartfelt and sincere. He embraces all genres of popular music not just black, and his music is for all. This kind of authenticity is hard to find in the popular music industry perhaps thats y he is so underrated as these days people only value superficiality. As for the Ustad, his spirituality is so much higher. Indian classical music is from a divine source and musicians such as him who have reached such heights are blessed by the Divine as their music brings them to Oneness with God.

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