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Overcoming lethargy

March 1, 2009


Was too busy and tired for the past week, slogging it out at work, haha.  I was feeling that things were getting a bit out of control. Like work piling up, my inbox getting too cluttered, no inspiration for blog posting, no energy to do anything after coming home : (

But things took a shift when my computer broke down at work, haha. I lost all my data and files since i don’t have a habit of backing up anything. Well this is the 2nd time this happened to me. first time was at home when my bro reformatted the comp accidentally. That was hard to get over as everything which i posessed for years was gone. But at the end of it that really made me detached.  Now at work i guess i have to start over anew with regards to certain things.  And to start backing up my work. So this incident really made things slowed down a lot. haha. is funny how things turn out at times.

Then another thing was i started a new hobby. Calligraphy. I wrote abt this earlier. I managed to get the pen on thursday and just started on that. I was surprised that it was so fun and i was writing and experimenting for the whole nite.  That made me realise that not having time was not really true.  When there is passion and interest for something, we will make the time for it! Plus it really energises u! You know how sometimes something happens and it acts like a catalyst. (Catalyst is something which reduces the energy to start a reaction.) It acted as a catalyst for me to overcome my lethargic state. I told myself i can’t be lazy and having that strong will really made me  start to be more active in that moment.

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