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Opening our Heart

February 15, 2009

Over this weekend, I’m feeling my heart open after a long time… and the bliss just pouring out.

I’m so humbled by the experience and hope to remember this experience in renewing my dedication to my spiritual path.  Well what triggered this opening? At the beginning, it was something said by someone which resonated deeply with me….and that lead on to other things happening….which were like coincidences, leaving me feeling moved, touched and inspired! What is the main thing that opens the heart? I would say it is Love itself. The environment which i live in is not one which expresses love openly. Maybe that explains y my heart closes up easily. Ever since i started practising Sahaja Yoga, i have had stronger experiences of feeling Love within me which is so soothing. And most importantly, now i have access to a loving community which more than makes up for the lack of love i feel at times. What i’m feeling is that the Divine wants to fill us with so much Love, much more than we can imagine, but we just need to open our hearts first. well maybe we need some help with that first step and what we can do is to pray to the Divine to open our heart and fill us with love and joy. It will be so amazing if everyone blossoms like a flower filled with love, then our world will be a very different place to live in!

Here is a blogpost ( from a very loving person!) which gives 7 ways to open your heart.  Enjoy!


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