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Jinglun fever

February 7, 2009


Its gd to be back posting again!

After a week of being down with fever and coughing 😦

and being on the go supporting my cousin at his promotional events , which was a whole lot of fun! but not so fun when i’m sick! haha….and so so not fun after a day at work being sick and having to go support him….hahaha….ok cut the crap girl.

He was only back for short time and had many events lined up such as tv and radio appearances, campus concerts and autograph signing sessions. On last Sunday, my relatives and I all went down to support him at his first autograph signing session in singapore. It was really nice feeling to see so many of his supporters and also that our extended family were there. I went down for the Campus Superstar live recording at Mediacorp on Monday. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a singing competition and the competitors are from the secondary school level. Well, a student from the school i worked in got into the top 12 so i joined our school supporters to go down for the live recording to support him. Well actually the main reason i went was becoz Jinglun was making a guest appearance on the show. It was my first time going to watch a tv show and was a really interesting experience! My first impression was the stage is so small! Everything was rehearsed and the audience was cued to scream and shout, haha. It is so fake.  A lot of hype and too emotionally charged. Makes us feel very high when we were there, all the screaming but it is just feeling empty when everything ended. Kinda a bit worried abt my cousin entering the entertainment industry because this industry values all that which goes against the Spirit. like materialism, superficialism, grossness, etc. but on the other hand,  really happy that he could overcome all odds with his perseverance and hard work to achieve everything so far. with his innocence and simple nature, hopefully he can bring a light to this industry.

Then on wed, went to watch his mini concert at NTU.  yesterday went to catch his last autograph signing session before he goes back to Taiwan soon.  so yea I was pretty busy this week.

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