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Attempting Art

January 21, 2009


With the coming of Chinese New Year, I was doing some clearing of my stuff over the weekend. New Year New Beginnings. It is always good to do some springcleaning before the new year to prepare for the new  to come into our lives. Well the house is still in a mess though. but i found many interesting items in the cupboards. We used to live in a bigger house long time back and had many ornaments and decorative items in our house. Since we downgraded and shifted many times, what we have left now is not a lot and they have become like junk as there is no proper place to  display them. It is my father who likes to buy these artistic ornaments while my mother would complain about it. I was looking through these items and realised that i hadn’t really notice them. Well i knew they were there but never really taken a closer look at it.  I think after coming back from the trip to Melaka, i have been more interested in Art and now i find myself more observant of artistic details. I never was good at drawing or painting and i’m not the type of person who is good with my hands.  all i can do is to just appreciate. however, these days i’m feeling inspired to do some kind of artwork. i think it will really open up my creativity and give me satisfaction. It will be another avenue for me to express myself.  I came up with few areas which i would like to explore such as:

1. Pattern drawing

2. Calligraphy

3. Dance (by my friend’s influence)

The first 2 areas don’t really require me to be good at drawing which i’m not good at.  I find that i’m intriqued by patterns so that is a good place to start at.  One of my friend is trying to get me to learn dancing which I feel a bit apprehensive abt coz my body coordination is not so gd. but doing it with someone i know may perhaps give me the confidence which i require. My mother also gave me an idea on making bookmarks from recycled items and i found the idea very nice and fresh.  i don’t like to get too complicated  so i’m quite attracted by simple and good ideas.

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