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January 14, 2009

Been too busy with work lately ever since the new year started.  New year brings about new students in the school and the things that we need to do in the school office has just been overwhelming. Work piling up and the chaotic environment doesn’t make anything better, just overloading our senses and our attention grabbed by all the things that need to be tended to : (

On one hand feeling stressed coz i felt that i couldn’t deal with the work but felt that it’s also a testing period. i’m trying to take things in the stride right now. today some things are happening and i’m getting some help from others so that’s quite a positive sign.

I read something about chaos before that in the chaos there is a pattern. it may not be obvious to us at first but chaos may not be total chaos! i remember going to india and found it surprising that even though the traffic was so chaotic, accidents were not a common thing. and slowly i realised that there is sth going on beneath, that the people are part of a system which knows what it’s doing, being used to the system they know how to dodge here and there to avoid hitting others. so what may seem like chaos to the outsider actually is not so, in fact there is a plan beneath. In the same way when we feel our life going out of control, we must remember that there is a divine plan for all of us. By seeking our divine plan, we are seeking the peace and love which lies within us which is ever comforting and soothing amid all troubles and problems that we may face.

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