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The Simple Life

December 29, 2008

Batu Caves

Coming back from a nice trip to Malaysia, it has inspired me  on the wonder of travelling and how it rejuvenates and lifts our spirits.  By taking a break from our routine life, we can feel the zest of what life has to offer and  experience other possibilities in our life.  During this trip, I got to meet new friends and their warmth really touched me.  Also, the simplicity of the life there really humbled me. The pace of life is much slower than in singapore, and people lead a more simpler life there, unlike here where the culture is extremely materialistic. With the slower pace of life, one can enjoy more the subtleties of life, such as nature, art, culture and human relations. This definitely adds to the richness of our lives as we r not just meant to be living routine and mechanical lives like a robot.

I look forward to a simple life.

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