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Bridging the gap

December 24, 2008

Have you talked to another person and found that he/she doesn’t really understand what you are trying to mean even though they understood the words perfectly fine.  In that moment, is like the two are coming from different worlds! The way everyone creates meaning is different, the same thing or words can have a different meaning for two people.

I always have this misunderstanding with others in my communication. Sometimes it’s because of the different cultural context perhaps. or gender context haha. or spiritual context. or just different experiences in life which create a different meaning for us. is like viewing the world through our own filter lens.

By bridging this gap between two people, we can come to a better understanding, and forge a closer bond, bringing about connectedness and love.  Everyone desires to be understood. Like some couples who have gotten married for some time,  on the outside, maybe everything seem to be normal but sometimes one may notice that there’s not much communication (i don’t mean not talking but not much of understanding) going on. and such a relationship is never fulfilling.

what i can think of is to try being open minded n try to see that there may be a different view of looking at things. another person is like another world and we can try to access their world by making an effort to do so. by asking questions about the other person and also by not reacting to every little thing, we can make that first step in bridging the gap. As i’m writing this im having a misunderstanding with a net fren who is getting angry at me for no apparent reason. realise that is not that easy to bridge the gap if it is just a one sided effort : (

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