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Bound by work?

December 15, 2008


Just added a new page  “Experiment with Truth”.  Pls take a look.

Now just getting back into the mode of working again and having that feeling of dread. I always had a problem with working. it just doesn’t go down with me. I feel  uncomfortable and out of place at work. Maybe it’s becoz i can’t take responsibility? and feel pressured. Another reason is also the people at work. I never seem to connect with them. Usually just on the superficial level.

I enjoy gazing out of the window. Looking at the reservoir opposite the school. Looking at the people and cars passing by. Looking at the trees and sky. I used to yearn for freedom, like the bird who is free to fly anywhere, I didn’t like being stuck in a place which i didn’t like.

Work drains me of energy and also of joy. Mainly is the long hours which is a toll to me physically and the meaningless work which doesn’t do any good to my Spirit. In case i sound too negative, well to me work is essential but sometimes the work that we do in our job  is not so essential I feel. Means it doesn’t really contribute to anything meaningful. Well again depends on which line of work u do perhaps. but office jobs in my opinion r pretty meaningless. It would be good if one can find a job which they find joy in doing then that would be ideal. but that is not so easy these days.

What i can do is to adjust my attitude and keep my attention on my Spirit. which gives joy. The freedom is to be found within and not outside.

In truth nothing can bind us.

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