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Discipline is Divine

November 28, 2008

These days for me been feeling that discipline has just gone out the window. How i feel when i’m not disciplined? my mornings have been a bit erratic recently, and it really affects my balance. Feel a bit uneasy and not dealing with life that well. Don’t really know how to explain that feeling just it doesn’t feel so good. Well good thing is that the discipline can be restored if u really want to. i will need to put some attention on this matter.

Discipline can sound a bit harsh to people, like forcing ourselves to do something we may not like. well the photo above  depicts that type of discipline well i wud say, like being strict with oneself.  it is like a sustaining power which makes us continue to do things and when we do something long enough, we will learn and master it. Sometimes is like we know what is good for us, but we just can’t do it, maybe we will try to do it a few times but after that we become lazy and just give up. Do you come across people who give u advice and u say ‘ya i know’. we know but we don’t do it. like my mum keep nagging at me to sleep early but i just have problem with that. n also waking up. haha.

Shri Mataji says “Discipline is Divine and that the moment you have discipline everything falls into place.” It’s so true! whenever i do have discipline, i feel that my life goes smoothly and i feel balanced to deal with whatever situation that comes my way. It really is the foundation of making things work. In Sahaja Yoga, we learn about the guru principle that we can all become our own masters. We can guide ourselves after Self Realisation. and this quality of discipline is a quality of being a master. to be a master, we need to have control over ourself. but that doesn’t mean that we force ourself strictly. Shri Mataji says that after Self Realisation, our Spirit is awakened and in the light of the Spirit, we will know what is good for us. we become detached and can give up things more easily. We are detached from like and dislike and also from our habits which bind us. Discipline then works out easily as we just do watever that is good for us or whatever we have to do without being attached to our likings and habits.

Ok for myself i came up with some ways to restore the discipline in my life.

1. Meditate twice a day, morning and night and being in meditative mood during rest of the time (meditation gives one the balance in life)

2. Sleeping early

3. Waking early

4. Preparing for things in advance instead of rushing last minute (like in the morning)

Let’s see how things are by next week. will give an update.

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