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Nature walk

November 24, 2008

yesterday i spent my day with my two friends immersed in nature. how refreshing it was! in place like SIngapore where it is an urban jungle, we often complain that there is no where to go, and the past time of most people is shopping and eating. However, there are quite a number of nice places for nature lovers to go. we are after all the garden city! It was my first time doing the treetop walk, a winding bridge among the treetops which allows us to experience being in the midst of the secondary forest, with ease. This bridge leads to other trails which intertwines both nature and man made structures. the highlight was mount faber with the nice view of the sea n nearby Sentosa island. The dark clouds were already overlooming as we quicked our pace to reach shelter. End of the year we get a lot of rain here. well the thunderstorm started. we stopped at this posh place called Jewel Box on top of mt faber. It’s an entertainment venue with restaurants and shows n boasts of the highest artificial christmas tree in the world, haha. Anyways we had a snack there at their open concept restaurant which had views of the sea on one side and trees on the other side. We were in good view of the dark sky which was roaring violently with the thunder and the heavy rain thrashing down. but we were safe n unaffected n just enjoying everything! i really enjoyed this time. n shri vishnumaya’s (lightning) display was just breathtaking. we could literally see the huge bolt striking down with so much electric power. just leaving us thoughtless in that moment. it was just so wonderful to experience the nature with its full elemental power. when the rain had subsided, we made our way down and went back to the urban jungle again.

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