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November 19, 2008

At first I felt this blog should be free and spontaneous to just express any thoughts or insights that come to me. but then i know i’m always so unfocussed n my energies get scattered and i know it won’t be interesting when i just start rambling all over. well at work there was talk of vision recently, so i think having a vision for this blog is a gd idea to keep myself focussed. and to clarify and attract the right type of people to come and read this blog.

I think most people deep down want to make a contribution and help others.( tell me if i’m wrong) and one of my deeper desires is to be a hero. haha. is funny how sometimes i’m just looking out for situations where i can come to the rescue! like if i see a child i will be alert to see that nothing happens to it when the parent is not watching. or when on the train being too over eager to give my seat to someone. n i like to overhear other people’s conversation. don’t know just can’t see other people in distress. but it seemed to be taking too much out of me, making me overstimulated all the time. It is only after practising meditation that i now become much more relaxed. i realised people can take care of themselves much better than i thought and they can overcome whatever difficulties they have. Now i’m more at ease with myself and don’t get stimulated by others so much.

Ok i think i got a bit distracted. I was talking of a vision for this blog. what came to me is:

To transform lives by inspiring people to seek the Truth which lies within.

wow. i like it.  i have a  desire for people from all corners of the globe regardless of age, gender, race, religion, creed, culture to come and participate in this blog.

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