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We are never Disappointed when we are Desireless

November 17, 2008


Last thursday i was not feeling so well at work n went home early.  the next day went to see the doctor n got leave for the day.  well i was not expecting myself to be unwell so it came as a surprise. i usually don’t like to take leave as i will feel a bit guilty being away from work. is quite stupid coz i don’t need to feel that way. Anyways it was a good thing as i could get some rest and enjoy.  so “disappointments” sometimes is gd for us in a way, we should take it positively n see how we can benefit from it. well the funny thing is whenever i’m sick, i will become extremely introspective of myself. is like opening up a space to examine and see how i feel. and this is the time when i go into meditation more deeper and get many creative ideas. Well this blog is the result of some ideas i got on friday. I was too filled with inspiration that i had to create it. More blessings were to follow that day. By being sick, i was able to miss a work gathering with my colleagues. Really not keen on joining them seriously. They had planned a bbq and some activities and wanted to stay overnight in school. (BTW i work in a school) Is friday after all and staying back in school was not my cup of tea. Instead i went for sahaja yoga class and enjoyed so much. The talk that day happened to mention about being desireless. When we work without having any desires, then we are never disappointed. Disappointment only comes when we have certain expectations. Well this happen to tie in pretty well with my day! Furthermore it was a bro’s birthday and we celebrated after class. Friday pretty much rocked!

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  1. November 29, 2008 11:56 am

    You need a mind that is young , a heart that beats more with each passing day, spirits that lift you up…..
    You have it Hui , i like yr writings here
    let me read more

  2. November 29, 2008 1:48 pm

    haha funny….ok pls do come back often!

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